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LSD & Heartache

by The Falbonauts

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time to move. androids in the woodpile i am the ashes in the wrong can birds fly backwards before they land right in the palm of The Distributor’s hand you’re welcome to have cake babe you’re welcome to eat it too i will just watch and wait drop in any time you know i’ll be up late The Distributor is here to stay my mother prayed i would become a man of some renown i’m just a distributor as i ramble ‘round whisper in my ear child congratulations! you’re verified reverberators are standing by The Distributor is on the line from the dark side of the bender to the Grand Coulee Goddamn this land is my land this land is my land The Distributor is here the olive trees are loaded and their bending branches i break down i hand them out on credit and i watch them spread it all around her mother prayed i would become a man of some resound Distributor to Dr. it’s all over now time to move.
Raw Sugar 01:21
i drink the kool-aid i sit in the shade i pour the champagne on my head in Phaedra’s bed baby i feel brave then we all disintegrate like raw sugar in my bones raw sugar in my bones
well I’ve had more than enough of all this heartache girl i’ve taken way too much lsd again it’s a free and easy breezy nightmare every time you leave i’m still somewhere beyond the ocean inside a scarecrow between the coins i’ve tossed and loves i’ve lost we’re spineless creatures just drying out on a grey beach like the late great grandparents of grandkids of adam and eve if you’d believe it’s a free and easy breezy day trip every time she leaves my mind just slips beyond the ocean inside a scarecrow between the words that fail and ships that sail inside a scarecrow beyond the ocean between the coins i’ve tossed at love lsd and heartache
now they have us by the balls and love’s been wasted on us all ‘till nothing’s left inside your head except the feeling you can’t always forget what you want and the driver recalls your name unsettling but it’s all the same we’re out here on the fringe knowing you can’t always forget what you want placing bets on whom she’ll wed i’ll see your dose and raise your dread he dreamt she said what she never could say accept the feeling you can’t always forget what you want
poor poor baby doll she called me up just to say Johnny broke down the door left me bloody and shaking he tells me he’s gonna make it better he tells me all the time i’ve got to admit it’s getting worse poor poor baby doll you know you can always run run run run run to me i know it’s not an easy thing to do but baby doll i know you you still know how to run poor poor baby doll just tell me where can i find him...
Carefree Man 04:12
we’ll always have that June we’ll always have the mountains on the moon i’m going back to Carefree i remember where we knew a cool, clear shiver i’ll fire up the truck and hit the coast of ol’ Kentuck Old Leavenworth and further down into the golden muck a cool, clear river i am a Carefree man now after ten long years of cool clear fear the devil slept on her shoulder now he’s wide awake with a cool, clear hate she’s working on a building for machines in cool clear streams she’s buried deep in mass production but the river is true she’s cool clear blue she was a Carefree girl once i must have loved her in the cool clear water but i am a Carefree man now it feels alright it’s just cool clear light
Sophia how many ways can you adore me? Sophia you scare the living hell out of me Sophia with her glassy eyes and her eternity Sophia sometimes i laugh and wonder why just one kind favor i will ask of you Sophia take my hand take my hand and thread it through the obsolescent joys thread it through the static and the noise take my hand and thread it through the sparrows and the crows let it thread the briar through the rose just one kind favor i will ask of you take my hand and take my whole life too thread it through your eyes just thread it through your eyes be a doll and thread it through your eyes thread it through your eyes and thread it through all your designs thread your new cathedral mass of wires sing it through electric to the men who thread your spine Sophia i am yours and you are mine when we cut the world in half the waitress laughed and wondered why Sophia i’m your man but men like me were made to die just thread it through your eyes Sophia… sometimes i wonder sometimes i laugh laugh and wonder Sophia, i sometimes i can’t help but wonder sometimes i laugh sometimes i laugh and wonder i fell under when i came to Sophia was just a matchbook in the palm of my hand when i looked up the waitress knew something was wrong my tears were legion Sophia got turned on
heaven sprung a leak and now a sky blue steel crop duster begins her nosedive she swoops low over where my roses grow today there were no clouds for to shield her mid day reflection her skin went flashin’ in the shiny sun where’d she come from? as the engine fails a pale ribbon streams and she drops ten degrees for weeks i worked and dreamed of her beneath the cotton tree but when the job was done she just buzzed right over everyone she flew back into the shiny sun where’d she come from? hallelujahs heard from way out in the sticks i’m waving both my arms this time i won’t be missed my sky blue steel crop duster is your heart just steel? your propellers feel so real reelin’ like two roulette wheels from god knows where to my fields sky blue steel crop duster see me down below i’m over where my roses grow saying hello hello i’m always looking up to see you there though i know you’re nowhere near
King's Meds 03:02
the eggheads are cookin’ in the parlor of the queen she paints prescriptions for the children of the king her marbles chipped and splattered someone’s landed on the street she’s not a shaman she coulda played one on tv she flew like a belfry Batman a few cards short of a full dozen different side effects the white coats are coming on black betty’s wedding gown baby please calm down baby please calm down for all the doctor’s horses and for all the king’s meds they’re on their way down from the castle here’s a pillow for your head so they threw the book at us yeah we fell for the oldest trick she dropped in once upon a bliss she took the bus I took the hit voices out of nowhere scrambled eggs and pills to piss when she grew up she married the pharmacist for all the doctor’s horses for all the king’s meds they’ll put you back together baby doll go back to bed


released October 31, 2018

the band on LSD & Heartache:

Walt Falbo - 12-string Gretsch Electromatic (thanks A.D.), acoustic gtr, pump organ, SK-1s, synths
alto sax, banjitar, harmonica, organ, vocals
Maddog Wenzlo-Falbo - Gretsch baritone guitar, the sauce, tenor sax, ghost delay, synths, JP-08, garbage accordion, vocals
Andre Jean-Luc Davidson-Falbo - bass guitar, steadfastness, poutine
Brian Reedynaut - drumkit, general sorcery, seriously good hair, best hangs

but the real heroes here are:

The Dave Pride Parade - piano, rhodes, vocals
Tanktop Tim McGee - banjo, trumpet
Matt Bowflex Turino - violin
Captain A. Ron Stromberg - guitar double sauce
Gregory Axlerod Gunnerson Herald - cowbell

the bulk of the heartache was recorded to two inch tape with scientific accuracy by Aaron McCallister at Earth Analog in Tolono, IL on December 9th, 2017.

most of the post-studio heavy lifting tracked and streamlined by Maddog at the Second Void in Urbana, IL May-June 2018. special thanks to Brian Robertson for renting us his old haunted ivy mansion so we could finish this weird jam proper.

a few juicy additional overdubbages rendered chaotically by Walt on the Million Beer Picnic Suitcase Machine at the Windfarm in Anchor, IL (sweet baby technical assistance from T.S. Falbo) and also at Captain A. Ron’s Deep Sea Bathysphere, Champaign, IL. thanks Ron.

some electric gtr chops & feedbacks captured and engineered by Bro (don’t call me Sloppy) Joe Falbo at the Gurnee Icekicker, April 11-12 2018. you did real good Joe.

mixed by Maddog and Walt
mastered by Maxwell Citron at Mount Chicago
lacquer cut by Carl Saff
art and concept by Walt Falbo
design and layout by Matthew Sage


all rights reserved



The Falbonauts

desperados under the eaves

Walt Falbo began The Falbonauts as a cover band and they will probably end as a cover band, but they are currently not a cover band. They are from approximately Champaign-Urbana and are all old seasoned veterans of playing oft overlooked music. ... more

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